God is Good

One month ago tomorrow, in my quiet time with God, I reflected on two words that He’s been impressing upon my heart during this season and that is revival and restoration. Our perception of fairness is blurred in trying times and when adversity hits closer to home. Thinking of this global pandemic [or insert any personal crisis we can and have encounter(ed)], for some it can be hard to believe or reconcile that God is good knowing that He is sovereign. BUT going back to fairness; the word is quite relative in light of eternity (past, present and future) and who God is.

Am I a good person? Did I deserve…? How could this happen to…? Three questions that are challenging, but when I think of who God IS in His holy and completely perfect nature, and then I relate that to myself, I begin to shift my perspective. Holy Spirit whispered these words in my ear that morning and the song God is Good by Jonathan McReynolds (if you haven’t heard it, please check it out!) came to mind.

My Prayer: The whole world has slowed down. In the silence, Lord have mercy, REVIVE and incline my heart toward You. RESTORE my right relationship with You and RESTORE my perspective of who You are as Sovereign, Just, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Healing, Forgiving, Loving, and Omnipresent King. Jesus, forgive me for replacing You [with all things] as the King on the throne of my heart. Please comfort the sick and those who have lost loved ones. Please heal our land, RESTORE us back to you and continue to get the glory that only you deserve. REVIVE Your work in us. In Your precious Son’s name…
#Godisgood #sayyourprayers #revive #restore #Istillbelieve #buthelpmyunbelief

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