Buried Alive

I won’t tell my story today, but the short of it is, I’ve had many doubts for years about writing and even my own voice (story for another day). I signed up for Ezekiel Azonwu’s Lyricist Lab…this forced me to deal with some of the things I’ve been feeling particularly lately. I also had to…

Dear Black Man

You, They, We, Him They have searched you…invaded your privacy, jumped to conclusions and infringed your legal rights, which makes them think they know you all.He has searched you…He cared enough to know you personally and not as a [black] people group, but He knows you specifically and individually as your Creator.They pursue you and snatch you from your cars, daily runs and routines.…

God is Good

One month ago tomorrow, in my quiet time with God, I reflected on two words that He’s been impressing upon my heart during this season and that is revival and restoration. Our perception of fairness is blurred in trying times and when adversity hits closer to home. Thinking of this global pandemic [or insert any…

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